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Is a loved one having difficulty with daily tasks? You'd like to be available to help, but sometimes you just can't find the time to do everything... have you thought about home care services offered by certified professionals? Learn more about Home Instead's home care program and catch up on your own affairs while we help care for your loved one.

For more than 20 years Home Instead has assisted thousands of families by understanding the importance of staying at home. Our teams assist informal caregivers in more than 16 countries, with 1000 franchises that employ more than 65,000 qualified and trained professionals.

Home Instead home care services

Our home care services are intended for people who would benefit from company or who are experiencing difficulties as they get older, either as a result of an accident, or following an illness. The goal of Home Instead is to enable seniors to continue to enjoy the comfort of their own home, while offering a reprieve and peace of mind to family caregivers.

Home care services include:

  • Companionship and help with daily tasks;
  • Help with domestic chores and meal preparation;
  • Hygiene and personal care services;
  • Assistance with physical and intellectual stimulation;
  • Support and guidance in the event of dementia.

Our team listens to what you have to say, in order to understand your loved one's needs. Once we fully understand the situation, we will be able to provide care best suited to their needs.

Every professional on our team receives continuing education to be able to provide your loved one with the best possible assistance. In addition to the tasks completed, the presence of someone at home on a daily basis improves the morale of your loved one and helps to reduce any feelings of loneliness.

Keep enjoying your time with your loved one thanks to Home Instead

Home Instead home care enables your loved one to remain at home, without hindering their social activities and, especially, without uprooting the familiar surroundings they have built throughout their life.

Put your trust in Home Instead by delegating your responsibilities as family caregiver to us. Beyond these responsibilities, it is important that you be able to continue to share treasured moments with your loved one.

Contact one of our counsellors today to explore the various possibilities available to you. We will be able to analyze your situation and provide customized solutions.

In the event the home of your loved one no longer guarantees their safety, Home Instead also works with Visavie, a trustworthy partner available to assist you in the search for a retirement home that best meets their needs.

Whatever the case, put your mind at ease, you are not alone any more.

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