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Helpingmyparents: Emergency Assistance

Helping my parents: Emergency Assistance

Your mother is in the hospital for a small procedure. Everything’s going well until you receive the news of her discharge from the hospital.

“She won’t be able to continue living at home alone.”

These words play over in your mind as you think about tomorrow’s meeting, the clients you have to meet and now a way that you can quickly find assistance with your mother’s situation. The Freedom to Choose

Whether you’re looking to find reliable home care services or the best private seniors residence, we’re here to help.

25% of adults 45 and over are informal caregivers. Caught between the responsibilities of their careers, their lives and their aging parents, this generation is referred to as the sandwich generation.

Professional Caregivers: An Extra Family Member When You Need Them

Like a sister or brother you would ideally have for this situation, Home Instead’s CAREGivers become like an extra member of the family to help you take care of your loved ones. With special care and attention, they take care of the tasks that you would be doing.

The CAREGiver builds a relationship with your parent for those times you can’t be there, becoming more of a friend and reliable resource than simply a formal caregiver or companion.

Personalized Match-Ups

Home Instead’s CAREGivers are matched up with your parent in the same way you would choose a friend: based on common values and interests.

This not only matters to us, but helps us build a relationship of trust with you and your family. And because we know the importance of these relationships, the same CAREGiver will be assigned to assist your parent as consistently as possible.

Contact us today to learn more! We are available 24/7 to help you with any emergency.

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