10 clues that will help you determine if your loved one needs home care


10 clues that will help you determine if your loved one needs home care

10 clues that will help you determine if your loved one needs home care

Home care services are for elderly people in need of companionship or who have certain difficulties, either because of an accident, as a result of illness like Alzheimer's, dementia or simply because of old age.

The objective of home care services from specialized companies such as Home Instead - Chez Vous Avant Tout is to enable elderly to continue enjoying the comfort of their home, while providing respite and peace of mind to family caregivers, if needed.

However, it is unclear to what extent your parent or parents need help at home or if the family caregiver needs respite care. We will look at the main categories of help and home care services that could greatly improve the quality of life of a senior or a family caregiver.

This way, you will be able to easily assess whether there is negligence in any of the daily task categories that could be performed by a professional caregiver who specializes in home care services.

At the same time, you will also be able to identify the specific tasks or categories of care and help that your parent or family caregiver needs help with.

In the lair of happiness

The bedroom is often a safe haven for the elderly, a place of rest and tranquility where they feel completely safe. However, the simple task of going to bed can become more than a simple task that used to be executed in a very mechanical, even automatic way.

It is normal for some seniors to need help getting to and from bed. And even more so, to make the bed and change the sheets and bed covers are essential tasks that can not be neglected.

And hop we go, let’s create a beauty!

There is a lot of activity going on in the bathroom when you take a closer look; some people go there in a gust of wind while others would spend the day!

We take a bath or shower for personal hygiene, we sometimes go back in the middle of the day to refresh a makeup or wash again.

In short, as you get older, you may need help with bathing, help with hygiene and help with grooming.

And we forget it too, but cleaning the bathroom including the toilet, bath, sink, walls and floor is a chore even for a young adult.

And there we go... well, almost!

Personal care assistance goes well beyond grooming. We are talking here about help to get dressed, help with movement and help with walking.

And the simple reason is that even though seniors can often move independently, they are still much vulnerable to a fall whose consequences could hamper their quality of life for the rest of their lives.

What time is it? I'm really hungry…

Many older people need help with food, to eat well. Good nutrition is essential for the elderly. Thus, it is important to ensure that menus are well planned and that meals are well prepared and served.

Likewise, considering the incessant coming and going and handling of food in the kitchen that can potentially carry or generate harmful bacteria, it is important to wash, dry and store dishes and utensils and, just as importantly, to clean the sink, stove, countertops and refrigerators thoroughly.

It's not a shack but ...

There are countless household chores to keep you busy at home and that are so easy to let go of and put off until tomorrow when you're out of spirit or just forgetful. And sometimes, tomorrow becomes after tomorrow and after after tomorrow and the house becomes a bazaar.

Washing, drying and folding clothes when neglected are a clear sign that help is needed. Similarly, a clean house is a house where you clean and dust all the parts of the house, sweep the carpets and the floors.

The dust that shows, the floors that are dirty or forgetting about emptying and taking out garbage and garden work that drift; these are all obvious signs of need for help.

Is the fridge empty?

Is it a simple oversight or negligence? Still, shopping is imperative for the health of the elderly.

You have to prepare the shopping list, do the shopping such as buying food and supplies and then storing the items appropriately.

In any case, an empty refrigerator or a stack of expired food is not a good sign!

Your parent is bored

One of the first causes of boredom among the elderly is a simple logistical problem; transportation. Not all older people can still drive or do so with difficulty.

Having a transportation solution at hand is necessary for the elderly so that they can continue their social activities with their friends, go to the doctor's appointments or participate in any other activity (religious, etc.) that is important to them.

Your parent lacks energy

A drop in energy is often a precursor to isolation. Seniors not only have a great need to maintain social activities but also to have fun and play games that keep them on the alert and stimulate them.

It is important for elderly to read or to get help to read and talk to them. Better still, older people who maintain their network of contacts and friends and maintain their level of social activities keep their health longer. In short, socialization is a fundamental need of the human being, at any age.

So, how are you doing?

It is stupid to say but missed doses or medication errors (overdosing or depletion of stocks) can lead to serious medical complications.

Older people often have multiple prescriptions for various health conditions. As you get older, medication monitoring can become a difficult task. Good medication management is essential. And even more so, if the elderly person has to undergo a physical therapy such as post-operative care or even rehabilitation care.

What's up, Doc?

If your parent needs medical care such as nursing, occupational therapy or speech therapy; this care must be provided by a health professional or by a competent person who has received medical training in this regard.

*Certified medical help in this regard is more than essential.


Review the list of daily task categories and think about getting a professional caregiver to work in the categories for which you perceived or found that your parent really needs help, or that these tasks are downright neglected.

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