Home Instead:
Companionship and Care
for Seniors

Out of loneliness, following an accident, an illness, or simply because of advancing age, seniors may need some companionship or assistance to accomplish some of their daily tasks, even the simplest tasks. The loss of autonomy and mobility may restrict them in their activities and can have an impact on their psychological well-being.

In 25% of cases, it is a close relative who becomes the family caregiver to help their parents with some of their tasks. However, this person does not always have the time to help, nor the skills, in the case of dementia, to manage the new challenges and behaviours related to the illness. Professional senior care services then becomes a viable solution to deal with the various situations resulting from:

Isolation and solitude.

Seniors are particularly vulnerable to loneliness either due to the loss of a spouse, or because of their physical condition limiting them from taking part in their favourite activities or visiting friends and acquaintances. We help to reduce this feeling of isolation and solitude by providing support that involves:

  • Planning appointments and accompaniment;
  • Accompaniment during daily walks, physical activities, entertainment or cultural outings;
  • Caring presence to provide company, conversations and reading, playing cards or any other intellectual or creative activities;
  • Organizing albums, files, budgets, bills, activity calendar or any other administrative activities.

Loss of mobility or autonomy

Whether the loss of mobility is due to an accident, illness, surgery or simply because of advancing age and physical condition, your loved one will require assistance to accomplish a variety of tasks at home. Our caregivers provide assistance to seniors, enabling them to maintain their routine at home and keep their autonomy by assisting with:

  • Meal planning and preparation;
  • Grocery shopping, post office, pharmacy, etc.
  • Help with transfers and mobility;
  • Care and maintenance of domestic pets;
  • Light housekeeping duties in the context of home support and assistance.

Cognitive impairment and personal care

Assisting seniors with Alzheimer's and other forms of dementia can be very demanding for a family caregiver. Memory loss, behavioural changes, the increased need for safety and, sometimes incontinence can quickly affect the morale of family members. Our approach with people with dementia is unique, and provides you support with the following care:

  • Help with meals;
  • Help with bathing, grooming and dressing;
  • Assistance with incontinence and personal hygiene;
  • Management of behavioural change;
  • Intellectual and creative stimulation;

Our client-centered approach enables them to feel safe at home and continue the activities they can do by themselves, in addition to fostering interaction and recognizing and encouraging their life path, passions and interests.

Contact one of our counsellors today to learn how Home Instead can help you. We are on call 24/7 and are available to help you find the seniors' assistance you need that fits your budget.

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